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The Department of Defense has a ban on all CBD products, to include THC-Free. The founder of UnCanna believes reversing that ban, and allowing the use of natural, non-intoxicating cannabinoid products, could majorly impact service members lives in a positive way.
Our team started advocating for #CBDFORDOD in 2018, as the founder was transiting from a decade of service in the US Army, and by 2019 we were taking action. The mission stemmed from his personal experiences with physical and mental health issues in service and the current treatment and therapy modalities available, primarily in regards to prescription drugs.
Our campaign was unheard of at the time, few people in the community knew what CBD products were, the industry was just starting to emerge online, and there was massive stigma within the Veteran, Federal, and Law Enforcement community surrounding the topic due to the similarities between hemp and marijuana, and the constant change of state law and regulations throughout the industry's growth.
UnCanna spent the next few years, and a large portion of our time and funds, advocating for the DOD to reverse the ban on hemp-derived CBD products. Two years of research, networking, writing letters to congress, lobbying politicians and trying to build support, reviewing feedback from our community on the use of CBD products and effects, and providing education to numerous leaders across various branches of service, agencies, and organizations to help them better understand the products and industry.
Some of our public advocacy consisted of UnCanna being featured on a new CNBC show with Marcus Lemonis from The "Profit" where they discussed #CBDFORDOD as well as the products and industry, he spoke at numerous events within the hemp industry and Veteran community, recorded episodes on numerous podcasts reaching an estimated 2 million people where a primary topic was the #CBDFORDOD mission, as well as numerous articles from major civilian and Veteran media sources such as Westword Denver, Hemp Mag, Coffee or Die, and Mentors For Military, as well as recognition from the Hemp Industries Association as being a leading Veteran Owned CBD company. Countless examples of taking action to advocate for natural alternatives, and specifically, our #CBDFORDOD mission. 
Our feedback looked promising, with approx. 95% of our customers stating that CBD products positively impacted their lives without negative side effects or intoxication (based on numerous surveys sent out to verified customers). The CBD for DOD issue went to Congress (thanks to Congresswoman and Combat Veteran Tulsi Gabard) but it was shutdown in the Senate after passing the House unanimously. That was it, #CBDFORDOD went to Congress and it was denied, with political and public support.
Founder of UnCanna advocating for #CBDFORDOD at the 2019 Libertarian Party Convention
With #CBDFORDOD being UnCanna's concept for founding the company and sole mission at the time, it was difficult to see this outcome after hearing thousands of positive testimonials over the years. By 2020, many Veteran owned companies, Veterans, and Active Service Members on social media platforms were aware of and/or following updates from UnCanna. We sent email newsletters out with the outcome, posted updates on social, and have continued advocating for natural alternatives within the community since.
We had to accept the fact that there are many factors out of our control in which the DOD ban on CBD remains in place. The first step, is FDA regulation of the industry.
Those in service are still at risk of punishment from their Chain of Command if they get caught using or possessing natural, non-intoxicating CBD products. There is still a total ban, even on THC-Free products (due to the potential to fail a drug test with many products on the market not being lab tested-due to a lack of FDA regulation) and that will likely not change anytime soon.
We will continue assisting the community with trusted information, verified resources where they can dig on their own, and straightforward guidance using years of direct feedback and testimonials.


Our #CBDFORDOD message is out there, loud and clear, thanks to the efforts of our team and the community in sharing information and highlighting alternative methods of dealing with our mental and physical health issues from the very beginning of the emerging hemp industry. 
When we look back to 2018, we were one of the few Veteran owned CBD companies in the industry. Now, there are countless brands with similiar missions. We are one of the original industry leading Veteran Owned CBD companies and look forward to continue setting the example for others to follow.
 Our #CBDFORDOD campaign is still active, and the positive effects of the message are spreading throughout the community to this day. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.
Check out our current giving back initiatives here.
Check our podcast episode 234 with Mentors For Military to learn more about our #CBDFORDOD initiatives.
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