Since 2018, the UnCanna team has been working to educate the Mil/Vet community, advocate for natural alternatives, and develop the most effective cannabinoid supplements with industry leading standards, knowledge, and experience.


The owner of Colorado-based UnCanna, is a former 75th Army Ranger who pursued excellence throughout a decade of service, from successfully completing numerous Special Operations selections (to include Special Mission Unit selection) to achieving 15th place in the Best Ranger Competition and deploying numerous times throughout the GWOT in multiple leadership positions. He is an Athlete, Father, Husband, and Veteran Advocate that has spent years working alongside industry professionals to develop trusted natural solutions for the Mil/Vet/Responder community, reduce stigma through education, and advocate for access to natural alternatives. 
UnCanna Founder | 75th Ranger Regiment | OEF
UnCanna was founded as a result of his personal experiences with the prescription drug regimen from a decade of active duty service and throughout his transition from the military. He went from taking numerous "black box" medications and various prescription drugs for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other common issues within the Mil/Vet community, to successfully eliminating the need for all prescription drugs by using natural cannabinoid supplements on a daily basis.
Our team understands the needs/demands of the community and that experience is directly tied into how we help our customers, develop products, and educate others.


1- Our products were developed as a result of data and feedback from combat wounded Special Operations Veterans and Military athletes. The existing products on the market were largely ineffective when Uncanna was founded. We tripled the potency of existing products, researched cannabinoid and terpene interactions to cross-breed effective strains, and ended with results. If you look at some of the major corporate CBD brands that are considered "industry leading" due to their marketing budget, you will see their topicals hover around 500mg and the oil tinctures use confusing terminology and bottle sizes, but the actual amount of cannabinoid content is low or you will find that their comparable products COST ALMOST TWICE AS MUCH AS OURS

2- Our products are derived from small batch "craft" plants that are locally grown here in Colorado by industry professionals. Many CBD brands use standard industrial hemp with little cannabinoid content and spike their potency with CBD Isolate to present more cannabinoid content than is actually available. Our quality hemp biomass is grown by industry professionals who have been producing high quality cannabis to yield the max amount of major and minor cannabinoids for many years here in Colorado. All of our products meet the legal definition of "industrial hemp" and contain less than .3% THC IAW the Farm Bill, protecting you as the consumer.

3- We have direct oversight of our manufacturing process. We partnered direct with industry leading cannabinoid extraction facilities here in Denver, CO to bring the best, natural cannabinoid supplements to our community. Our direct partnership allows us complete control of manufacturing and logistics. Our products are not a collection of SKUs from white label companies like the Veteran owned CBD brands founded after UnCanna. They are specifically made for our community, by our team of mechanical engineers and chemists, right here in Colorado, with date from end users like you.

4. We set the standard for the manufacturing process. Our batches of products are third party lab tested for purity and potency with microbials, heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and potency testing. This is costly but a necessity for consumer safety and confidence. Our facilities are ISO and cGMP certified, FDA and DEA registered. We abide by all federal and state regulations for the manufacturing and sale of cannabinoid supplements, and we are the industry leader when it comes to Veteran Owned CBD.



Develop natural cannabinoid products for stress, sleep, pain, and performance/recovery related needs with direct input from our community. Our primary goal is developing tailored solutions to your needs, offering a natural alternative for physical and mental health issues that were previously treated with prescription drugs. 


Reduce stigma through education. Our team has provided guidance to numerous organizations over the years, such as LEO, FIRE, and SAR departments, Senior Military leadership, members of the FAA and others to help them better understand our industry and products in the fight for access, in addition to helping shape their policy and regulations.


Advocate for the use of natural alternatives over prescription drugs by, with, and through our community to potentially save lives, and positively change lives at a minimum. No one is alone, we are here to help, and we have done that for years, positively affecting thousands of people within our community.



We have maintained hemp trade association memberships and industry leading standards since the beginning. From cGMP and ISO certified facilities, to double lab testing for consumer safety and confidence, we have continued to do the right thing since our founding, although Federal regulations do not exist, because it is the right thing to do.

Learn more about our process and view our standards here.

All products are formulated in ISO/cGMP and FDA registered manufacturing facilities here in Denver, CO.


We donate a portion of all proceeds and product to various non-profit organizations within the Responder/Mil/Vet/Outdoors community.

We have helped organizations support Gold Star Families and the children of the fallen, facilitate community and outdoor linkups for Veterans and Responders, and support local Colorado organizations, from Search and Rescue/Avalanche safety to sponsoring local Veteran community events, and we will continue doing so with your support.

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