Giving back to your community is a fundamental belief of ours.

The UnCanna Team has supported many Veteran and First Responder foundations and events over the years, and will continue to give back with your support. We are proud, and excited, to announce that a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Gold Star Teen Adventures (GSTA) to help support their events throughout 2021. This is an incredible foundation that we have worked with since 2016, and we fully believe in and support their mission.

GSTA Mission and Vision

Gold Star Teen Adventures provides year-round adventure opportunities for the children of fallen military members, first responders, and from our nation’s intelligence community who have lost their lives in the line of duty. The purpose of the program is to provide healing, leadership development and opportunity.

GSTA History

Kent Solheim, a special operations service member, was seriously wounded in combat in Iraq in 2007 where he ultimately lost his right leg after sustaining four gunshot wounds. Kent’s experiences on his road to recovery inspired the creation of Gold Star Teen Adventures. Kent, a father of two, realized that if he had not made it home, he would have still wanted his children to know the brotherhood of the special operations community that he had grown to love and to share the adventures that his career had permitted him to do. Additionally, Kent realized that he experienced emotional healing when he was able to spend time with others who endured similar trauma in their lives.

Gold Star Teen Adventures was created to provide a place where youth can come together to share new experiences with others who have shared a similar journey. We are built on the pillars of healing, leadership development, and opportunity. Our organization is committed to serving and honoring the community of people who have sacrificed so much.

We believe that by bringing together youth in environments where they can have fun and develop relationships amongst team leaders and other Gold Star youth, we allow them the opportunity to interact with others who can empathize with the similar emotional trauma they've experienced.

For more info on how you can best support, please visit the GSTA website.

Special thanks to Kent and Jess from GSTA. You're doing incredible work for the community and we are honored to be able to help support your cause.

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