"I believe CBD can help save lives, and improve recovery at a minimum."

Coby is a former US Army Ranger who honorably served for over a decade in Light Infantry, Airborne, and Special Operations units. He founded UnCanna in 2018 as he transitioned from the military based upon his own personal experiences coping with numerous mental and physical conditions that are commonly experienced within the Veteran demographic.

He dropped countless prescriptions, many with black box warnings that exacerbated some symptoms, in favor of safer, natural alternatives and is encouraging others to do the same. He is a leading advocate for positive change within the Veteran community and is rallying support to change the Department of Defense ban on CBD so that active service members have access to natural alternatives.

Firebase Lilley (Shkin) | 2013

Coby served throughout numerous combat deployments in positions ranging from Rifleman to Airborne Infantry Platoon Sergeant. He received the Enlisted Leadership Award at US Army Ranger School, secured 15th place in the 2012 Best Ranger Competition, and was selected to serve as the senior instructor in a classified program for Special Mission Operators as well as the senior training lead for Other Government Agency personnel. He was also selected to attend, and successfully completed, the most notorious Special Operations selection in the world, among countless other examples of leading from the front and striving for excellence, both stateside and overseas.

29th Annual David E. Grange Jr. Best Ranger Competition

His personal issues came to a head in 2018 after two more of his friends took their lives as he was coming back from another combat deployment. Numerous friends that he had served with have taken their lives over the last decade, to include his father. Struggling with alcohol and prescription drug abuse to cope with major depressive disorder (MDD), chronic pain, chronic stress, as well as PTSD and TBI symptoms had been the norm for many years. The same can be said for many currently serving our country and their treatment options are severely restricted due to outdated policies. This, despite overwhelming anecdotal evidence and thousands of studies proving there are safer, natural alternatives to the prescriptions that are driving suicide numbers higher.

Motivated by his close friends and family, he sought treatment for a decade of physical and mental injuries that were becoming increasingly difficult to manage, almost resulting in the loss of his life on several occasions. Throughout various therapy methods and the standard treatment options offered, he was prescribed numerous medications and ended up experiencing their negative side effects and little to no efficacy. 

1st Ranger Battalion - 75th Ranger Regiment | 2009

Over prescribing is a common occurrence, and dangerous prescription drugs are currently the primary solution provided to service members seeking treatment for anything from chronic pain to anxiety and depression. The majority of Coby's peers struggle with severe issues that are usually buried because they are so focused on the relentless pursuit of excellence, as he was. When it comes out, it is bad, and it usually harms those closest to them the most. Many see their issues coming to a head after they leave service. Struggling with transition stress, their pre-existing issues become increasingly evident.

Coby states, "Our brains are physically injured and/or changed, yet we do not look at them. We prescribe medications that numb out our thoughts, personality, drive, emotions, and will to live.There is a direct link between TBI and suicide, and the current solution is to prescribe medications with black box warnings that INCREASE suicidal ideations. This is illogical, and cannot continue.

When you suffer from all of the above conditions, as many service members do, you cannot be prescribed all of these medications. When combined with alcohol, which is very prevalent in our demographic, it is driving suicide numbers higher. The research on this link has only just begun, we are barely scratching the surface."

Boulder, Co - 2019

After learning about non-intoxicating, hemp-derived CBD in an outpatient therapy program, Coby started using CBD products out of Denver, although it is now perfectly clear that they are completely banned for service members. He implemented a daily CBD regimen and stopped taking numerous pharmaceutical medications, which facilitated his ability to make further positive changes to every aspect of his life.

IVO COP Zerok, Afghanistan

He states, "CBD is not a miracle cure-all, but it played a massive role in getting me healthy and focusing on living a positive life. I believe CBD can help save lives and improve recovery, at a minimum."

Currently, UnCanna has helped change the lives of thousands of people, the majority being Veterans and First Responders. We are working to remove the barriers to access for non-intoxicating, natural alternatives.


UnCanna CEO/Founder preparing for a keynote speaking engagement at the 2019 Colorado Libertarian Party Convention.
Advocating for Active Duty service member access to natural alternatives.



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