UnCanna is a Veteran owned and operated (hemp-derived) CBD company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. We maintain industry leading CBD standards and abide by all Colorado state regulations for the manufacturing and sale of hemp-derived CBD products.
All UnCanna CBD products start with organically grown hemp from our partner farms in Colorado. The biomass and final extract is third party lab tested by an ISO accredited facility for purity and potency, then processed and formulated by experienced mechanical engineers and chemists in an ISO and cGMP certified lab using food-grade supercritical Co2 extraction equipment. UnCanna has maintained business memberships with the National Hemp Association (NHA) and Hemp Industries Association (HIA) for several years, the two major trade associations within our industry. We maintain industry leading CBD standards and abide by all Colorado state regulations for the manufacturing and sale of hemp-derived CBD products.
          This company was born as a result of the owners experience with typical prescription based treatments and ineffective therapy programs. The founder of UnCanna is a former US Army Ranger, husband, and father who spent just over a decade serving in light infantry, airborne, and special operations units.
 At the heights of his career, he led men in combat throughout several deployments, competed in the Best Ranger Competition, trained Tier 1 and Other Government Agency (OGA) personnel in a classified program, completed one of the most difficult special operations selection courses, and had the privilege of working with and being mentored by some of the best in our nation.
At the worst, he sought treatment for numerous physical/mental injuries accumulated throughout his time in service; a difficult process after effectively burying his issues for the duration of his career, like many others, to pursue his professional goals and the next deployment. Treatment for his issues consisted of check-the-box programs and being prescribed numerous drugs for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, TBI, PTS, and sleep issues. The combination of medications and ineffective programs severely affected his personal and professional life, resulting in a medical discharge from service as a Sergeant First Class/E-7 with a TS-SCI clearance. 
 He incorporated natural CBD products into his daily routine and found they helped ease anxiety and improve his mood, he was sleeping deeper and better, and able to manage his chronic pain. This resulted in massive changes to his quality of life without the negative side effects of numerous medications.
He worked directly with industry professionals here in Colorado to get this company off the ground, and found a renewed since of purpose in reducing stigma through education in the Veteran/LE space. This occurred prior to the widespread public discussion of natural alternatives and explosion of the CBD industry, and his team has been on a mission to help others with effective, natural CBD products and trusted information since.
UnCanna has been featured in numerous Veteran/Civilian media platforms to include: CNBC, Mentors for Military Podcast, Hemp Mag, Westword Denver, Coffee or Die, We Are The Mighty, and others. 
We appreciate your support, and are here to help if you have any questions.
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