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Cannabidiol, CBD, Sleep, and Anxiety

Cannabidiol, CBD, Sleep, and Anxiety

“We live for these moonless nights, full of sleepless memories from afar. Cold winds and campfires, dead stars burning in the sky.”
There are 316 studies on the effects of Cannabidiol (CBD) in regards to sleep and anxiety on alone.⠀
-⠀ is something we reference often. It is a database of current, ongoing, and future clinical studies/trials from researchers and laboratories across the nation.⠀
Go to and google your condition with the terms “cannabidiol”, “cannabinoids”, “cbd”, and “cannabis”. There are many thousands of studies and documents for you to browse that may help dial in an effective dose, and dosing schedule, or prove or disprove efficacy in regards to your symptoms. Some of the studies take a medical degree to decipher, others are in plain English. Browse through and see why pharma wants a monopoly on this supplement. ⠀
Real world data from guys in the community goes into product development, our fight for DOD access, and helps shape the information we share to help others. -
We encourage you to do your own research, and we’re confident our products will meet your expectations.⠀
FDA Disclaimers apply to our products. This information is for general purposes only.



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