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PRO DEAL Program


Introducing our PRO DEAL program, new for 2023.

If you meet one or more of the following requirements and currently use or would like to add our products to your routine, email us.

1- Professional content creator/influencer within the Outdoors (hunting, fishing, overland, etc.), Tactical, or Functional Fitness industries.

2- Active SAR, Wildland/Fire, LEO/SWAT, EMS/EMT, Mil/Vet and can create content with our products/merch and within your department/training/work. 

3- Credentialed hunt/fish/mountain guide or outfitter.

4- Endurance/functional fitness athletes and trainers - amateur to professional. 

We will send you a 50% off code to use on your order and honor this discount for every order you place while the program is in effect and terms are met.

In return, we ask that you do one or more of the following on a weekly/monthly basis:

1- post/tag us with our products/merch for repost (mutual engagement)

2- collaborate on posts/blogs/media/events/competitions

3- DM/email media for our team to post tagged content on your behalf

4-Tag us in your competitions, events, etc. and rep #uncanna in the field

The concept behind this program is for it to serve as a collaborative way to expand our community and ensure mutual promotion/benefit for those involved. Free product/merch may be sent upon request pending circumstances ie content packages from specific hunting trips, climbing denali, competing in known events, authentic video testimonials/product use, etc. 


Subject: PRODEAL
Message: Include your social media handles and any other relevant info.





The owner of Colorado-based UnCanna, is a former 75th Army Ranger who pursued excellence throughout a decade of service, from successfully completing numerous Special Operations selections to achieving 15th place in the Best Ranger Competition and deploying numerous times throughout the GWOT. He is an Athlete, Father, Husband, and Veteran Advocate that has spent years working alongside industry professionals to develop trusted natural solutions for the community, reduce stigma through education, and advocate for access to natural alternatives. 

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UnCanna was founded as a result of his personal experiences with the prescription drug regimen from a decade of active duty service and throughout his transition from the military. He went from taking numerous "black box" medications and various prescription drugs for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other common issues within the Mil/Vet community, to successfully eliminating the need for all prescription drugs by using natural cannabinoid supplements on a daily basis. The community needs to know there are effective laternatives that allow you to live your best life.

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 Since 2018, the UnCanna team has been working to educate the Mil/Vet community, advocate for natural alternatives, and develop the most effective cannabinoid supplements with industry leading standards, knowledge, and experience.


Advocate for the use of natural alternatives over prescription drugs by, with, and through our community to potentially save lives, and positively change lives at a minimum. No one is alone, we are here to help, and we have done that for years, positively affecting thousands of people within our community.

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Reduce stigma through education. Our team has provided guidance to numerous organizations over the years, such as LEO, FIRE, and SAR departments, Senior Military leadership, members of the FAA and others to help them better understand our industry and products in the fight for access, in addition to helping shape their policy and regulations.

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Develop the best natural cannabinoid products for stress, sleep, pain, and performance/recovery related needs with direct input from our community. Our primary goal is developing tailored solutions to your needs, offering a natural alternative for physical and mental health issues that were previously treated with prescription drugs. 

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We donate a portion of all proceeds and product to various non-profit organizations.

We have helped organizations support Gold Star Families and the children of the fallen, facilitate community and outdoor linkups for Veterans and Responders, and support local Colorado organizations, from Search and Rescue/Avalanche safety to sponsoring local Veteran community events, and we will continue doing so with your support.

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We developed and have maintained industry leading standards since our founding. From cGMP and ISO certified facilities, to double lab testing for consumer safety and confidence.

Learn more about our process and view our standards here.

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