The federal government states that cannabis with less than .3% THC is hemp, and cannabis with more than .3% THC is marijuana, in a nutshell. One is illegal (marijuana), and the other is legal (hemp) as of 21 December 2018, due to the Farm Bill that passed. They both contain the same cannabinoids, strain dependent, in similar amounts, except for the levels of THC (typically known as the psychoactive compound). The hemp we source from local Colorado farms has high levels of minor cannabinoids in addition to the major cannabinoids you may ahve heard of, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC, resulting in one of the best full and broad spectrum, whole plant formulations on the market.

If you're confused at this point, please head over to our CBD GUIDE and take a few minutes to understand hemp and the nuances of CBD products.

Colorado companies are considered the leaders within the hemp and CBD industry. We proudly source our hemp from local Colorado farms and partnered with an experienced, professional team for all extraction and formulation. Our crops consist of high CBD and minor cannabinoid producing strains, that is organically grown under the sun by experienced hemp farmers.


Our cGMP manufacturing facilities utilize the latest food-grade extraction technology and systems for processing our quality hemp biomass into isolate, broad spectrum (thc-free distillate), and full spectrum (distillate) CBD products, and we have the capability to supply bulk raw ingredients, as well as bulk custom formulations if interested.




We use ISO 17025 accredited Botanacor Laboratories for our third party lab testing, and consistently lab test our CBD products. This ensures that you are getting what you are paying for, and that the claimed content is in, or absent, from your product. This is especially important to those who cannot or do not want to use any trace amounts of THC.

Rigorous QA/QC and ISO 17025 accredited third-party lab testing facilities guarantees you are receiving one of the safest and highest quality products on the market.

Please view our potency COAs in the product photos, or visit our lab results page for more info.


All UnCanna products are processed, filled, safety sealed, and shipped out of our FDA registered and cGMP certified facilities here in Colorado. We intend to comply with any and all FDA regulations that arise in the future, as we look to expand our operations and remain a leading, trusted CBD brand as the industry itself evolves and becomes federally regulated.

We are business members of both the National Hemp Association, and Hemp Industry Association, the two major, national trade associations for the hemp industry. 

We work with the best in the industry, from growing to extraction, which is why we have a phenomenal full spectrum product line, as well as high quality isolate and broad spectrum formulations that always reflect No Detectable (ND) levels of THC on our third party test results. 




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