Different types of Cannabinoid Extracts and CBD collections

Cannabinoid Extracts - Need to Know ⬇️

#IsolateCBD (THC-Free) - This collection consists of 99+% pure Isolate Cannabidiol (CBD). #IsolateCBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory that has an effect on #anxiety #TBI #epilepsy and other conditions, according to numerous studies found at pubmed.gov and other verified sources.

✅ Isolate CBD products are THC-Free, confirmed by our lab results in the product photos on site.

#BroadSpectrumCBD (THC-Free) - This is a whole plant extract that has been further processed to remove any detectable levels of THC. It is considered more beneficial than Isolate CBD. All of the natural plant compounds found within the strain that is processed are present at various levels and working together in a process known as the entourage effect.

✅ Broad Spectrum products are THC-Free, confirmed by our lab results in the product photos on site.

#FullSpectrumCBD (Contains up to .3% THC) - This is a whole plant extract that contains all of the natural #plant compounds, to include trace levels of THC. These #natural compounds work together in synergy and provide the full benefits of the entourage effect.

This is one of the most beneficial types of cannabinoid extracts, due to the trace levels of #THC that have noticeable effects on #pain and #sleep specifically.

⚠️ DO NOT use any Full Spectrum products if you have concerns over drug testing for THC. They contain up to .3% THC, the legal cutoff before our products are classified as marijuana.

Check out our #K9CBD collection @uncanna.k9 with products formulated specifically for your #dogs - they have an #endocannabinoidsystem and benefit from cannabinoid supplements just as humans do - as well as our #Cannabinol (CBN) collection - which is a minor cannabinoid used to enhance your sleep routine✨

✅ Every batch of product is lab tested by a certified facility. The potency lab results are located in the product photos on site for you to verify that the product is THC-Free or confirm that the levels of #cannabinoid content you are paying for is present.

Learn more at www.uncanna.com 🇺🇸

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