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What CBD dose should I take?

What CBD dose should I take?


We cannot legally recommend dosing for any conditions due to FDA regulations.

The majority of our customers (180lb+) are taking ~30mg 1-2x daily and have offered positive reviews, with customers (180lb-) taking ~20mg 1-2x daily with positive feedback. This feedback can be found in our reviews on site.

There are many articles online that recommend different dosage requirements for specific ailments or symptoms that you are trying to target. We recommend researching these articles to facilitate an educated decision so that you take the correct amount without wasting your product or taking too little.

Bottom line, everyone processes CBD differently and it takes trials to determine what dose works best for you. Start with a low dose and increase gradually on subsequent doses until desired effects are achieved. This will save you product ie money and help you better determine which products fit your needs.

You may need a little patience to determine the optimal daily dosage to suit your needs. Your body is unique, a dosage that works well for someone else may be too much or too little for you. While there is no danger in taking more CBD than you need, it has been found that more CBD does not necessarily improve your results, and increases your costs.

While CBD manufacturers typically do not suggest dosage information, some sources suggest starting at a low dose, (10-20mg) per day, while assessing your results.

When trying to determine your ideal dosage for your purposes, if you do not experience the results you are looking for after 3-4 hours; you can increase the amount of CBD taken with your next dose. Eventually, you will find the best dose of CBD for your needs.

**FDA Disclaimer on home page and below. This information is for general purposes.



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