Ego, Tribe, and Purpose

They say you lose three things when you leave the military: Ego, Tribe, and Purpose.

Ego - attached to the job. No one cares what you did, and there's always a guy behind you waiting for you to hit the door so he can take your position.

Tribe - you are most likely no longer surrounded by people like you. You may also be figuring out who you are, after years or even decades of being something that you are not anymore.

Purpose - you gave it all for something greater than yourself, what's next?

These three factors play a large role in mental health issues within our community.

We had the privilege of attending a human performance and wellness conference for Special Operations members and families with @allsecurefoundation this week, which is the inspiration for this post. @tomsatterly elaborated on the above, and then asked the crowd who knows someone that has taken their life. Almost every hand shot up. He was asked if it gets easier when you leave service, with the thought process of being home more, being able to pursue different therapy modalities, and doing the things you enjoy with more freedom in your schedule. He replied, no, it becomes more difficult, because of the the above factors.

Many people do not become self-aware until they self-destruct.

Understand that you are not alone, and that there are numerous resources available for you and your family to take advantage of. However, there is no cure all. Healing requires constant work, and a willingness to take that first step, asking for help.

We provide effective natural alternatives to the prescription drug regimen for stress, sleep, pain, and recovery related issues. One variable of many that can help you live your best life. If you are looking for other resources, ask us. We have great relationships with numerous non-profits in the Mil/Vet/Responder demographic who's mission is to help you. If we do not have a reference, someone we know will. Take that first step, seek help if you think you need help.
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