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In 2018, there were virtually ZERO Veteran Owned CBD companies. That's where we came in, to fill a gap with effective natural solutions that were on the market, but were mostly ineffective due to the low potency standard within the industry at the time, and offered by companies doing little to actually benefit the Veteran community. We developed effective natural alternatives, and made sure the entire internet learned what CBD products are and are not, to reduce stigma and gain access with a specific advocacy push made to get CBD in the hands of Active Duty service members who have no alternatives to the prescription drugs that are willfully prescribed and stacked. We have grown organically since, giving back to our community throughout.

1- Our products were developed as a result of data and feedback from combat wounded Special Operations Veterans and Military athletes. We sought feedback and data on our initial product line in our startup days and used that data to develop the most effective and versatile product collection we could, while also reducing stigma and educating our community. If you look at some of the "industry leading" corporate brands, their topicals hover around 500mg and their oil tinctures use confusing terminology and bottle sizes, but the actual amount of cannabinoid content is very low. Check out our potency and our pricing, and you will see we offer one of the most effective product lines at a competitive price. 

2- Our products are derived from small batch "craft" hemp that is locally grown here in Colorado on our local partner farms. Most CBD brands have no idea where their hemp comes from, and many products use standard industrial hemp with little cannabinoid content. Our hemp biomass comes from industry professionals who have been growing high quality cannabis to yield the max amount of major and minor cannabinoids for many years, which is the best and most important part of your product, and which still meets the legal definition of "industrial hemp" containing less than .3% THC.

3- We have direct oversight of our manufacturing process. We partnered with industry leaders to bring the best, natural cannabinoid products to the Mil/Vet community from the beginning. Our direct partnership allows us complete control of manufacturing and our logistics. Our products are not a collection of SKUs from white label companies, they are specifically made for our community, by our team of Veterans, right here in Colorado.



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